A Complete Middle School Collection

The Complete Middle School Science Collection includes 100 engaging video programs correlated to the curriculum and specifically designed for the classroom. These titles include a wide range of topics that comprehensively cover the entire middle school science curriculum. Each journal-reviewed, interactive 20-minute title includes on-screen questions, vocabulary, and video quiz. Every program also includes a high-quality, time-saving 30-page teacher's guide that includes student learning objectives, standards correlations, lesson plans, assessments, vocabulary, reading, writing, and hands-on activities. Collections are available in DVD format or digital files. Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Purchase titles individually (see below for list of titles) or save $2420 when you purchase the entire collection!

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Sample Video: Geothermal Energy
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Complete Middle School DVD Collection

100 DVDs and 100 Teacher's Guides.  Each DVD includes 20-minute video, chapter index, subtitles, 30-page Teacher Guide, labeled slides, and glossary.

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Complete Middle School Digital Collection

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Single School License. 100 Digital Bundles and 100 Teacher's Guides.  Digital Bundles include video files for full show and content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus images (.jpg), teacher’s guides (.pdf) and metadata.

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Titles in the collection include:

A Healthy Body
A Journey Through Geologic Time
Balanced Diet
Bones and Muscles
Cell Processes
Circulation and Respiration
Classifying Animals
Classifying Life
Classifying Monerans and Protists
Classifying Plants and Fungi
Compounds in Chemistry
Current Electricity
Deserts and the Tundra
Digestion and Excretion
Early Life
Earth's Changing Surface
Earth's Natural Resources
Earth, Sun, and Moon
Ecosystem Dynamics
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Energy Resources
Everyday Natural Resources
Evidence of Change
Force and Newton's Laws
Forces Shaping the Earth
Fundamentals of Genetics
Genetics in Action
Genetics in our Lives
Geology of North America
Healthy Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Healthy Digestive and Excretory Systems
Healthy Eating Habits
Healthy Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Healthy Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
Introduction to the Metric System
Lab Equipment Safety
Life Through Time

Measuring in Science
Measuring Length and Temperature
Measuring Mass and Volume
Metric Conversions
Metric Length and Temperature
Metric Mass and Volume
Minerals and Their Properties
Natural Cycles
Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Nutrition Basics
Observations and Data
People and the Environment
Photosynthesis and Plant Responses
Plant Reproduction
Plant Structure and Function
Plants in Our Lives
Plate Tectonics
Rocks and the Rock Cycle
Safety in Science
Sedimentary Rocks

Simple Machines
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Sustainability and Natural Resources
The Amazing Universe
The Atmosphere
The Biosphere
The Cell
The Inner Planets
The Microscope
The Nature of Electricity
The Nature of Light
The Nature of Weather
The Outer Planets
The Periodic Table
Topography and the Earth
Using Light
Viruses and Monerans
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Weather in Action
Weathering and Soils
What is Matter?
Your Science Fair Project