video features

The flexibility, wide-range of applications, and ease-of-use of Visual Learning’s videos make them an ideal educational tool for the science classroom. The realistic, high quality, and engaging programs help students learn difficult-to-understand concepts and make learning fun. These videos are a must in any science classroom.

"I absolutely love the videos. The quality and ease of use is extreme. My way of teaching has changed for the better now that I have access to your videos."
School Science Teacher
Wichita Falls ISD, TX

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  • correlated to state standards
  • new copyrights
  • closed-captioned
  • clear narration
  • segmented video chapters
  • on-screen vocabulary
  • mutiple video formats
  • content clips and full shows
  • live-action footage from around the world
  • video assessments


  • effective: vivid imagery and clear narration helps students understand and remember
  • engaging: focused and fascinating videos capture the attention of learners
  • time-saving: videos designed specifically for the classroom; maximize precious minutes
  • easy-to-use: teacher-friendly programs are simple to navigate yet extremely effective
  • technology friendly: easily integrate video with current technology


  • DVD: reliable format and high quality picture; includes a chapter index, English subtitles, labeled slides, and glossary
  • H.264: high-quality picture in a small file size, perferred video format for Mac devices; videos play in Quicktime and are compatible with Flash Player
  • WMV: Windows Media 9 files play in Windows Media Player and will play on any PC
  • DV: used as masters; have not been recompressed into other formats