licensing information


  • videos, teaching suggestions, student activites, images, animations, and metadata
  • used for lectures, presentations, curriculum planning, online courses, student homework, and classroom projects
  • streamed over a network, ITV stations, or broadcast
  • viewed by all computers simultaneously on a network
  • downloaded to computers, tablets, or hand held devices
  • delivered over the internet only when password-protected or with IP authentication
  • customers stream and manage content through their own interface, library catalog, or licensed subscription service
  • visit Types of Customers to see who is implementing Visual Learning content through digital delivery systems
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licensing and pricing

single school licenses

(single school buildings)

  • School building license permits access to an unlimited number of computers and media devices in one school building. Length of terms for a single school building license is in perpetuity (no renewal fees).
  • Prices are the same as DVDs:
    • primary: $69.95/title
    • elementary: $79.95/title
    • middle school: $89.95/title
    • high school/college: $99.95/title
  • School licenses for video titles can be ordered through our secure online shopping cart.

regional licenses

(schools, districts, regional centers, instructional television stations, and regional and statewide purchasing cooperatives)
  • Regional license permits access to an unlimited number of computers and media devices in the designated region.
  • Pricing is based on student population and length of terms. Annual, three year, five year, or in perpetuity licenses are available.
  • Regional licenses are obtained directly from Visual Learning Systems.
  • To order regional licenses for science videos and teacher's guides, email or call 1-800-453-8481 for a custom quote. Regional licenses cannot be ordered through the online shopping cart.

terms of agreement

  • Access to the video server must be controlled via password/IP authentication. School staff may access video and media files for preview purposes at home by means of username/password authentication. Digital master files may only be hosted on password protected networks.
  • All reasonable precautions must be taken to ensure that illegal duplication or further unauthorized distribution of the content is prevented.
  • Purchaser will abide by applicable copyright guidelines.