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spanish science
a Gómez and Gómez suggested resource!
"The quality of the videos and images is exceptional and the language is sophisticated but at an appropriate level for my fourth graders.  I think it would be a great supplement to the FOSS and STEM materials that we use, especially since the materials available in Spanish can be limited at times."  Becky Dykstra, Spanish Immersion Teacher, Clear Springs Elementary 

"Good Science videos containing high-end academic Spanish are hard to come by. The Spanish titles produced by Visual Learning fill a great need." Ellen Chavez, El Paso ISD

"I would also like to commend you on the quality of the narration of your film. Her Spanish is beautiful! She speaks so clearly and uses vocabulary that is easily comprehensible yet authentic." K. Priceman, 4th Grade Immersion Teacher

"The visual learning Science materials provide a valued resource for our teachers. They are comprehensible with visuals and the speech is clear, but also natural. Teachers are using them to support weekly lessons and engage all students." Ellie Gallagher, Dual Immersion Program Coordinator, Park City School District 

"Visual Learning produces quality programs that are beautifully shot and simplistically presented. The programs cover a wide range of topics and are in Spanish which allows our channel to reach a wider segment of the population. I'm so glad we found Visual Learning." Bobbi Price, ITV, Montgomery College, MD

"Visual Learning Systems’ Spanish science K-5 collection can be used for Interventions, Tutorials, and RTI students since it is 'Research Based'. The quality is excellent since in this system you will find a variety of methods to improve the 'Student Skills' such as Vocabulary, Writing Activities, Videos, Assessments (Pre-Test, Post-Test), as well as the Student Learning Objectives."
D. Magallon, 4th Grade Teacher, Port Arthur, Texas

"Our teachers are very happy with the Science DVDs!" 
S. Jantzi, ESL Curriculum, Salem, OR

digital science online
"I have been using your invaluable science videos and supplemental materials for years!!!  I am happy to now have access to all your work in one place!!!  Thank you for helping me to teach science to my middle school students!  I look forward to using Digital Science Online! 
E. Gambitsky, Science Teacher, Baldwin Middle School

"I have been using this database in my Middle School for three years and it has become a core part of our science curriculum in all grade levels.  My teachers can't live without it as it is used in almost every unit they teach.  . . .  The videos are excellent as are the assignments and activities that support the units." J. Thompson, Herricks Middle School Librarian, NY

"Digital Science Online offers Utah teachers and students core-aligned, educational video segments for classroom use.  These brief clips explain specific science concepts by providing vocabulary definitions, illustrations, and animations to supplement lessons."
Adriane Andersen, Utah Educational Network

"It went GREAT! Wisconsin educators love DSO!" Kristin Leglar, Content and Outreach Manager, ECB Wisconsin Media Lab

"The videos and questions are aligned with my lesson plans. The activites allowed for higher level thinking projects." A. Perry, Wellcome Middle School, NC

"I have really enjoyed using Visual Learning and have many great things to say about the program.  It is very easy to use and provided excellent information.  It is a wonderful product for the homeschooler." Ruth Anne Collins

"The online videos are beautifully done with clear narration.  The language used in both the primary and elementary videos is focused and specific as well as age appropriate and interesting to the students.  The children have gained so much from watching these clips as well as from follow- up with the prepared student activites.  The children are engaged and involved during the online video lessons and these video clips and animations have proven a great way to lay groundwork and present important vocabulary for each unit I teach, Kindergarten through Grade 5! S. Stein, K-5 Science Teacher, Mt. Pleasant Central Schools, NY

core ideas in life science etexbook
Utah State Textbook Commision has adopted Core Ideas In Life Science as a recommended teacher resource!

"Love this beautifully designed eTextbook. Vivid photography, excellent interactivity and instructional videos engage students in learning. Truly created for the 21st century student." Peggy Salvadore, Teacher, Shenendehowa C.S.D. 

"Such a great interactive book for home-schooled kids since it makes it so easy on the parent teacher. So much better than a normal textbook to really pull kids into the love of learning." Dolores Freeman, Teacher

"This is an excellent textbook for Middle School Life Science. Aligned with the NGSS, easy to read text, outstanding video clips, and excellent animations. Students overwhelmingly liked using this text over a conventional print text. Visual Learning Systems also offers introductory video and print resources to compliment the textbook. I highly recommend Core Ideas in Life Science." Mr. P. Kordon, Science Teacher

"As the Director of Technology for a public K-12 School, I have worked with many types of e-texts the last couple years as we issued iPads to each student in grades 6-9 in a 1:1 program. This e-text is exactly what I wish all of the others were like. First, it downloads completely as an iBook so that the students do not have to be online at home or wherever for it to work. This is an issue for many of our students that do not have wi-fi at their home. Second, the pictures and videos are amazing. I myself am a visual learner an I can really appreciate the quality and quantity of videos, photos and interactive exercises that this book contains. And third, it just works. With some of the other e-texts we are using, they are a part of an app that downloads and manages the texts. And like some apps, they occasionally crash or don't work causing a lot of grief for the student. I have not experienced a single issue with [Core Ideas] not working yet. This is an excellent value for the money, and not a headache for the IT department." Mr. Murphy, Forestville

“Excellent book! The best I’ve seen for Middle School students. The videos and animations make the subject come alive. I know my students find the layout visually appealing, the short check-in quizzes helpful, and the content interesting. A good mix of general introductory information and up-to-date technical depth. The content can be easily expanded upon depending on the interests of the teacher. Definitely recommended.“ Stephen Collins, Long-time Biology Teacher

"Thank you for creating the Core Ideas in Life Science e-book.  I homeschool my 11 year old daughter.  We started incorporating the iPad into our lessons a few weeks ago and your book has already become a very important part of our curriculum.  My daughter loves the interactive lessons and quizzes.  The lessons are short enough to keep her attention, yet meaty and provide plenty of information. The format makes it simple to me to assign her lessons and quizzes: one segment (text with quiz) a day. Overall, your book lets us have learning without whining... a big plus!" Sherri Allen,

"I was so happy to find this iBook [Core Ideas in Life Science]! Moving to a digital platform can present some real challenges, but this quality interactive text is ensuring student engagement and learning." S. Yorgey, Science Chair 

"This innovative textbook is perfect for the middle school age student. Other textbooks out there are aimed at the High School level, including the wonderful EO Wilson book, but that has only a few chapters available and the rest are not that exciting. This book takes advantage of the iPad technology very well, lots of embedded videos and high quality graphics. I like how the chapter sections are kept short and conclude with short quizzes. These boost the student’s confidence, keep the content manageable, and lead wonderfully into the next section. This is the best middle school life science iBook textbook available." G. Joseph, Science Teacher

"Great interactive text. Brings science and learning to life. Easy to navigate, and love the built in video clips. Also very clear, concise and easy to understand." 
Mr. G, Science Teacher

"I personally had never seen a middle school textbook that is has such a clean look (i.e. no cartoons, side-bars of distracting information) and has video clips of hard or important concepts like mitosis and meiosis and gives mid-chapter quizzes with immediate feedback on answers."  D. Koehler, Homeschool Parent 

"I have great deal of respect for the quality of your products and always promote and use your content as examples when I do professional development sessions." S. Richard, Coordinator, Instructional Resource Center, Virginia Beach Public Schools, VA

"Visual Learning Systems has great resources available to support my middle school science curriculum. I use their guided videos as a way to enhance student understanding when it comes to complex concepts. The video and its explanations allow students to visualize abstract ideas and processes. VLS also has relevant labs and worksheets available to reinforce student understanding and give them the needed practice. The combination of visual and supplementary resources is an invaluable tool for educators." L. Citorek, MS Science, Otter Valley Union High School 

"We have watched the solar system presentation several times - my son really enjoyed it!  He learned so much by watching the presentation. He was pretty resistant to reading text sent home by school - we dragged him through it. I'm certain the video and the audio helped him to learn the material because we just heard that he got a 93% on his solar system test with only time and reading assistance for accommodations! I'm sure your program really contributed to his success. Thanks!" 
Cassi S., Parent, NH 

"I love how the DVD is formatted for use in the classroom with the segmented parts, the vocabulary words, the video quiz, and the teacher’s guide supplemental information.  I also like the narration for this age-group (K-3) and the very 'visual' elements in both pictures and words as the information is described and explained." Shonda Brisco, Assistant Professor/CML Librarian, Oklahoma State University

"Materials from Visual Learning Systems are consistently among the highest circulating items from our Media library. Visual Learning Systems has set a high standard in the industry for powerful visuals, short segments and excellent support materials. We own all the titles available to date and will continue to acquire new productions." Jan Orzel, Media Services Coordinator, Broome - Tioga BOCES, Binghamton, NY

"Teachers do not have a lot of time to spare in the classroom and that is why the Visual Learning videos are an ideal way to accurately illustrate concepts and vocabulary to students in a short amount of time." Jacqueline Streets, Program Director, Instructional Television, Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD 

"Teachers recognized the quality of the video, audio, content and the real life features immediately. They especially liked having the text on the screen and the pre and post tests since we use that data in assessments." 
Judy Rood, Instructional Media Services Coordinator (retired), Charlottesville City Schools, VA

"The professional staff at Visual Learning Systems have provided excellent support and quality media that are utilized in classrooms across the county. Visual Learning titles are some of the most popular media streamed through our new digital server and the associated teacher's guides are top-notch."
Tim Devlin, Program Director of Instructional Media Services, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburgh, PA

"Visual Learning’s vibrant images enrich the science curriculum and the thrill of learning for students. Our teachers consistently rate them as Excellent! Your science curriculum will be enhanced with engaging footage provided through the most image rich science media."
Terry Perkins, Director of Atlantic County AVA Technology Center, Mays Landing, NJ

"I absolutely love the videos. The quality and ease of use is extreme. For every topic that I cover in the school year I start off with watching the video. The worksheets are done beautifully. So far this year I have not even opened the textbook. I use the videos and worksheets almost exclusively. With the iPods, I am able to send an absent student to the library to catch-up. I also use it to preview the videos at home. My way of teaching has changed for the better now that I have access to your videos." Joshua Nielsen, Middle School Science Teacher, Wichita Falls ISD TX 

"My students love the way science is presented in your videos, and as a teacher they have given me a fantastic way to bring science into a combined classroom of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students. The iPods opened a whole new door to science instruction as they allowed the kids to pace themselves and review information or fast forward...the video quizzes were a new and fun way for the kids to interact with the information....keep'em coming!" Amy Roy, 4-5-6 Teacher, Whiting Elementary, Whiting, VT 

"I love the curriculum. The factual and straight forward deliverance of the material covered in the video and in the curriculum worksheets is very appropriate for my 12 year old ADHD Dyslexic son as well as my non LD elementary child. The reading of the video questions help him work independently, the voice used in the video is easily understood and tolerated, and the quality of the production is excellent." Selah, Homeschool Parent, NM

"Visual Learning is such an easy company to work with. They are friendly and reliable. They give us exactly what we want." Linda Fox, Capital Region BOCES

"Visual Learning continues to be fantastic to work with, always giving us what we need, usually before asking!" Iowa Educators Consortium

"The teachers liked it! The closed-captioning was very good. The kids really liked it and it held their interest. The price was good and it covered the entire curriculum." Marie Tronolone, Atlanta School for the Deaf

"The closed-captioning was very well done. The visual content is real and meaningful, and the other media assets were of great value." Melissa Williams, Georgia School for the Deaf

"Bullseye! It's hard to hold the attention of teenagers while at the same time teach them scientific concepts. This Astronomy Series accomplishes both. It's the best money I have spent on education in 28 years of teaching." Bruce Bush, Llano, TX

"After comparison shopping Visual Learning had the best price, the teachers liked it and they felt that the videos were very good." Darlene Holder, TN School for the Deaf

teacher's guides
"Our teachers find your media guides to be extremely helpful for classroom preparedness and instruction. I wanted to pass along to Visual Learning that the quality of your media guides are always appreciated. Our previewers frequently comment on the quality and usefulness of your guides. Teachers need all the resources to assist them with classroom instruction.  While visual media is a wonderful supplement, your guides are most helpful to our teachers! I hope Visual Learning will continue to provide these resource materials with future media." Lori Wollenweber, Media Services, Lane ESD, Eugene, OR