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middle/high school spanish collection

These units of study are specifically designed for ELL, ESL, Dual Language and Immersion Programs for grades 6-12. Topics cover life, earth, physical, and health sciences. Each core-curricular, standards-based science video and its accompanying teacher's guide and student pages, provide a week's worth of instructional activities. The curriculum is correlated to national and state science education standards, and is Common Core compliant. Receive both DVD and digital versions when collection is ordered.

"Visual Learning produces quality programs that are beautifully shot and simplistically presented. The programs cover a wide range of topics and are in Spanish which allows our channel to reach a wider segment of the population. I'm so glad we found Visual Learning."
Media Coordinator, Montgomery College, MD

english / spanish


  • narration in Spanish and English
  • subtitled in Spanish and English
  • on-screen questions and vocabulary
  • clear visual cues for understanding
  • video assessments
  • 10-20 minutes in length
  • DVD & digital versions included

teacher's guides

  • Spanish and English versions
  • video script
  • suggested activities across curriculum
  • reading resources
  • student learning objectives
  • correlated to state and national
  • standards

student activities

  • Spanish and English versions
  • hands-on investigations
  • non-fiction reading activities
  • vocabulary development exercises
  • pre and post assessments

Middle/High School Spanish Collection

Includes 46 videos, accompanying Teacher's Guides/student page, DVDs, and digital files.

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