science dvds

science dvds

Visual Learning Systems' science DVDs continue to play an important part in the contemporary science classroom. For those who want reliable technology in a central location, our DVDs are ideal. Each DVD includes a complete index of video content, annotated slides, subtitles, glossary, and a comprehensive teacher's guide.

"Materials from Visual Learning Systems are consistently among the highest circulating items from our media library. Visual Learning Systems has set a high standard in the industry for powerful visuals, short segments and excellent support materials."
Media Services Coordinator, Broome Tioga BOCES Binghamton, NY

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  • full-length video: 10-20 minutes
  • live-action footage: filmed on location around the world
  • vocabulary: words on screen
  • quiz: follows each video
  • you decide!: questions throughout each program
  • menu: easy navigation to video features
  • subtitles: enhance student comprehension
  • annotated slides: 12-20 descriptive slides
  • glossary: 10-15 key vocabulary words
  • teacher's guide: 15-30 pages of student learning objectives, standards correlations, lesson plans, and assessments (.pdf)


  • easy to use: organized, reliable, and intuitive
  • fascinating: content is crystal clear, colorful, and engaging
  • relevant: correlates to the science curriculum taught in your school, and to national and state standards
  • saves time: outstanding visual content along with the comprehensive teacher's guide saves teachers hours of valuable classroom time
  • fun: students and teachers together experience the joy and thrill of science through video


  • primary: $69.95/title
  • elementary: $79.95/title
  • middle school: $89.95/title
  • high school: $99.95/title
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