A Complete Spanish Science Collection: 122 Units of Study

Visual Learning Systems has created a Spanish Science Curriculum to be used with ELL, ESL, Dual Language and Immersion Science Programs. Each core-curricular, standards-based science video with its accompanying teacher's guide and student pages, provides a week’s worth of instructional activities. Many lessons can be used across the curriculum. The curriculum is correlated to the state science education standards, and is Common Core compliant. This unit of study provides a great way for both experienced and inexperienced teachers to teach science. Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Complete Spanish Science Collection (145 units of study) : $8850

Primary Spanish Collection (64 units of study) : $3999

Elementary Spanish Collection (35 units of study) : $2700

Middle School Spanish Collection (46 units of study) : $3400

Units of Study include Videos, Teacher's Guides, and Student Activities:

10 - 20 minute in length, narration in Spanish and English, subtitled in Spanish and English, frequent on-screen questions and vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessments throughout.

Teacher's Guide
National Standards Correlations, student learning objectives, teaching instructions, video script, suggested activities across the curriculum, and reading resources.

Student Activities
Hands-on investigations, reading and vocabulary activities, and pre- and post-assessments in Spanish.

"Visual Learning Science materials provide a valued resource for our teachers. They are comprehensible with visuals and the speech is clear but also natural. Teachers are using them to support weekly lessons and engage all students."
E. Gallagher, Dual Immersion Program, Park City SD, UT

"Visual Learning Systems’ Spanish science K-5 collection can be used for Interventions, Tutorials, and RTI students since it is "Research Based". The quality is excellent since in this system you will find a variety of methods to improve the "Student Skills" such as Vocabulary Writing Activities Videos Assessments (Pre-Test Post-Test) as well as the Student Learning Objectives."
D. Magallon, 4th Gr.Teacher, Port Arthur, TX

Sample Video: Inherited Traits clip from the featured title Herencia
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Single School License.  

145 Digital Videos in H.264 (for iPads) and 15-30 page Teacher's Guides with assessments and activites in Spanish.  Digital videos include narration in Spanish.

145 DVDs and 15-30 page Teacher's Guides with assessments and activities in Spanish.  DVDs include narration and subtitles in English and Spanish.

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Titles in the collection include:

Activities of Plants  - Actividades de las plantas
Adaptations  - Adaptaciones
Atoms  -
Biodiversity  - Biodiversidad
Bonding  -
Cell Processes  - Procesos Celulares
Cells  -
Changes on Earth  - Cambios en la Tierra
Changing Climate  -
Chemical Changes  -
Classifying Living Things  - Clasificando a los seres vivos
Climate  - El Clima
Complex Animals  - Animales complejos
Compounds in Chemistry  -
Cycles in Living Things  - Los ciclos de los seres vivos
Day and Night  -
Describing Matter  - Describiendo la materia
Describing Matter and its Properties  - Describiendo a la materia y sus propiedades
Deserts and the Tundra  - El Desierto y la Tundra
Earth and You  -
Earth's Nearest Neighbors  -
Earth's Rotation and Revolution  -
Earth, Sun, and Moon  - La Tierra, el Sol, y la Luna
Ecology Fundamentals  -
Ecosystem Dynamics  -
Electrical Circuits  -
Electricity  - Electricidad
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures  - Elementos Compuestos y Mezclas
Energy  -
Environmental Problems and Solutions  - Problemas ambientales y soluciones
Exploring Earth, Sun, and Moon  - Explorando la Tierra, el sol y la luna
Exploring Energy  -
Exploring Energy and Heat  -
Exploring Fossils  -
Exploring Landforms  -
Exploring Solids, Liquids, and Gases  -
Exploring Sound  - Explorando el sonido
Fall  -
Fascinating Fossils  -
Food Chains  - Cadenas alimenticias
Force and Newton's Laws  - La Fuerzas y la Ley de Newton
Forces Shaping the Earth  - Las Fuerzas Que Dan Forma a la Tierra
Forests  - Los Bosques
Fundamentals of Genetics  -
Genetics in Action  -
Genetics in our Lives  -
Grasslands  - Las Praderas
Gravity  - Gravedad
Grouping Living Things  - Agrupando a los seres vivos
Healthy Habits  -
Heat and Energy  -
Helping Us Work  - Utensilios para el trabajo
Heredity  - Herencia
How to Measure Length  -
How to Measure Volume  -
Impacts on Earth  - Impacto en la Tierra
Interactions of Living Things  - Interacciones de los seres vivos
Investigating Earth's Natural Resources  - Investigar los recursos naturales de la Tierra
Investigating Heredity  - Investigando la herencia
Investigating Water  - Investigando el agua
Keeping Earth Healthy  - Cuidando la salud de la tierra
Lab Equipment Safety  - Seguridad en el Equipo de Laboratorio
Landforms  -
Life Cycles  - Ciclos de vida
Light  - La luz
Magnets and Electromagnetism  - Imanes y Electromagnetismo
Making Observations  - Haciendo observaciones
Measuring  - Mediciones
Measuring Length and Temperature  - Midiendo Longitud y Temperatura
Measuring Mass and Volume  - Midiendo Masa y Volumen
Microscopic Life  -
Migration and Hibernation  -
Motion  - El Movimiento

Moving Things  - Objetos en movimiento
Natural Cycles  - Ciclos Naturales
Natural Resources  - Recursos naturales
Observations and Data  - Datos y Observaciones
Observing Weather  - Observando el clima
Our Distant Neighbors  - Nuestros vecinos distantes
Our Precious Earth  - Nuestra preciosa Tierra
Particles and Matter  -
People and the Environment  - La Gente y el Ambiente
Physical Changes  -
Planets  - Planetas
Plant Life Cycles  - Ciclos de vida de las plantas
Plant Parts  - Partes de plantas
Plants  - Plantas
Plants With Flowers  - Plantas con flores
Plate Tectonics  -
Protists  - Protistas
Reactions  - Reacciones
Scientific Method  -
Simple Animals  - Animales simples
Simple Machines  -
Soil and Rocks  - Suelo y rocas
Solids, Liquids, and Gases  -
Sound  - Sonido
Spring  - Primavera
Stars and Galaxies  - Estrellas y galaxias
Summer  - Verano
Sun and Stars  - el sol y las estrellas
The Air Around Us  - El aire que nos rodea
The Atmosphere  -
The Biosphere  -
The Cell  -
The Changing Phases of Matter  - Las fases cambiantes de la materia
The Microscope  - El Microscopio
The Nature of Light  - La Naturaleza de la Luz
The Nature of Weather  - La Naturaleza del Clima
The Periodic Table  -
The Rock Cycle  - El ciclo de la roca
Things in Motion  - Cosas en movimiento
Traits and Heredity  - Rasgos y herencia
Trees  -
Using Electricity  - Usando la electricidad
Using Light  - Usando la Luz
Using the Scientific Method  -
Vibrations and Waves  - Vibraciones y ondas
Viruses and Monerans  - Virus y Moneras
Volcanoes and Earthquakes  - Volcanes y Terremotos
Water  - El Agua
Waves  - Las Ondas
Weather in Action  -
Weather Safety  -
Weathering and Erosion  -
Weathering and Soils  - El Intemperismo y los Suelos
Weighing Things  - Pesando las cosas
What are Magnets?  -
What are Plants?  -
What Do Living Things Need?  -
What is a Bird?  -
What is a Fish?  -
What is a Mammal?  -
What is a Reptile?  -
What is an Amphibian?  -
What is an Insect?  -
What is Light?  -
What is Matter?  -
What is Science?  -
What is Sound?  -
What is the Water Cycle?  -
Why Do We Measure?  -
Winter  - Invierno
Your Body  - tu cuerpo
Your Diet  - tu dieta