From the: Forces Shaping Earth's Surface Series

Earth's landscape is made up of a wide variety of physical features referred to as landforms. Characteristics of the major landforms are illustrated through the use of dramatic footage from North America, including the Grand Canyon, Interior Plains, and the Rocky Mountains. Earth's water features are also depicted. Important terminology includes: plain, relief, interior plain, coastal plain, plateau, mountain, hill, valley, canyon, beach, dune, sea cliff, sea stack, ocean, lake, bay, river, and creek.

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"The video and guide would be an excellent addition to an elementary or middle school video collection. It would also be an excellent tool for differentiating instruction. In a district’s media center it could be used a resource for high school special education classes." - NSTA Recommends June 2009

David Gillam
National Science Teachers Association Recommends
June 2009

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Sample Video: Valleys and Canyons


DVD and 25-page Teacher’s Guide. DVD Features include subtitles, chapter index, labeled slides, glossary, and an iMovie project.

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Digital Bundle

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Single School License. Digital Bundle includes video files for full show and 7-10 content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus 15-20 images (.jpg), teacher’s guide (.pdf) and metadata.

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