digital rights

digital rights

For educational organizations that want to select, own, and stream video content to their teachers and students, Visual Learning Systems is your best option for science content. Each K-12 unit of study is provided as a bundle of the following: video, content clips, animations, images, teacher's guides, and metadata – in two file formats to fit all technological needs. Annual, three and five year, or in perpetuity agreements are available. We are sole source, and one of the few companies that sells digital rights.

"Teacher's do not have a lot of time to spare in the classroom and that is why Visual Learning videos are an ideal way to accurately illustrate concepts and vocabulary to students in a short amount of time."
J. Streets, Program Director, Instructional Television Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

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  • video: full videos and clips provided in both Windows Media 9 and H.264
  • teacher's guide: 15-30 pages of student learning objectives, standards correlations, lesson plans, and assessments (.pdf)
  • student activities: vocabulary, reading, writing, and hands-on activities (.pdf)
  • animations: focused, narrated, and original (wmv and H.264)
  • images: 12-20 slides (.jpg)
  • metadata: keywords, length, title, series title, grade level, subject, and copyright (.xls)
  • delivery: on thumb drive, DVD-R, or hard drive


  • freedom: choose your own content and create a customized digital library that best fits your needs
  • easy: integrates digital content with preexisting computers, servers, networks, and databases
  • quality: content is focused, curriculum-centered, and engaging
  • technology: integrates with computer networks, iPads, digital whiteboards, and handheld devices
  • ownership: digital license creates stability
licensing information


  • building pricing:
    Individual schools that purchase Visual Learning content have an unlimited license.
    primary: $69.95/title
    elementary: $79.95/title
    middle school: $89.95/title
    biology: $99.95/title
  • larger institutional pricing:
    Pricing for larger institutions, state departments of education, regional consortia, and school districts is based on K-12 student population. Licenses are typically provided for annual, three years, five years, or in perpetuity. Please call 1-800-453-8481 for a price quote.
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