The Air Around Us

From the: Weather Series
  • Item # VLC270
  • Copyright 2011
  • For Grades K-3
  • 10-12 minutes
  • Teacher's Guide

Often hard-to-understand concepts of air, gases, air pressure, and layers of the atmosphere are plainly explained in this fascinating video. Concepts and terminology: oxygen, nitrogen, layers, weather, jet stream, and northern lights.

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Sample Video: Air


The DVD includes 10-12 minute video, each with a chapter index, subtitles, Teacher's Guide, labeled slides, and glossary. 

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  • VLC270DVD
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  • 9781592347209
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Digital Bundle

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Single School License

Digital Bundle includes video files for full show and 7-10 content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus 12 images (.jpg), teacher’s guide (.pdf) and metadata. 

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  • VLC270Digital
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  • 9781592347223
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