Commitment to Educational Excellence and Privacy

At Visual Learning Systems, we are privileged to partner with educators and families to enhance the learning experience with our comprehensive suite of K-12 supplemental science resources. Our offerings include engaging educational videos, detailed teacher’s guides, and interactive student activities, available in both English and Spanish, designed to enrich the science curriculum and ignite student curiosity.

Privacy First Approach

We understand the importance of privacy in the educational environment. To this end, Visual Learning Systems adheres to a strict privacy protocol. We do not collect, store, or utilize any student data or personal information as part of our programs. Management and access to Digital Science Online are maintained solely at the school or district level, ensuring that control over the use of our educational products remains local and privacy-focused.

Open Communication

Your trust in our services is paramount. Should you have any questions about how we handle privacy or any other aspect of our services, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is readily available to provide clarity and support. Please contact us via email at or call us at 802-683-4126.

We thank you for choosing Visual Learning Systems to be a part of your educational journey.