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Visual Learning Systems' is an educational science publisher whose mission is to provide high quality, visual-based content that instructs, challenges, and inspires students. The use of videos, interactive graphics, animations, and images are essential in teaching science. There is no better way to learn about the workings of the human body, the forces creating earthquakes, or the nature of chemical reactions than with these powerful teaching tools. Purchase Visual Learning's K-12 units of study in DVD or Digital formats (English or Spanish), or subscribe to Digital Science Online: Elementary or Secondary editions.

"I absolutely love the videos and guides. The ease of use is extreme!"
Joshua Nielsen, Middle School Science Teacher, Wichita Falls ISD, TX

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Each DVD includes an index to video content, annotated slides, subtitles, glossary, and a comprehensive teacher’s guide. Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards.

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For educational organizations that want to select, own, and stream video content to their teachers and students...

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ciencias en español

These products are developed specifically for ELL, ESL, dual-language and immersion programs. Correlated to core curricular state and national standards. Every unit of study contains one week of lessons and classroom activities. Videos and guides help teachers teach science effectively. Correlated to the NGSS.

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digital science online

Digital Science Online is an annual subscription to an elementary or secondary school collection of science videos, clips, animations, images, assessments, student activities, and teacher’s guides. Teachers and students have 24/7 access to Visual Learning Systems’ vast science media library at home or school. Correlated to the NGSS.

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