Classifying Plants and Fungi

From the: Classification of Life Series

Everywhere we look we see plants. These two very important kingdoms of living things are the focus of this colorful and fascinating program. The major taxonomic categories of these organisms are discussed, as are some of the specific characteristics of these fascinating organisms. Some of the many human benefits of fungi and plants are also mentioned. Other terminology includes: symbiosis, parasite, decomposer, spore, mushroom, yeast, mold, algae, moss, nonvascular plant, vascular plant, gymnosperm, and angiosperm.

"Correlated to National Science Education Standards for grades 5-9, this new four-part installment in the Visual Learning Company’s outstanding science education series teaches middle school students the principles by which scientists organize living things... Highly recommended." -- Video Librarian September/October 2006

Aud: I, J. (L. Stevens)
Video Librarian
September/October 2006

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Sample Video: Angiosperms

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