Nervous and Endocrine Systems

From the: Human Body Series

Students will learn the three main types of neurons and how they travel through the body's nerve network. Diagrams explain how information is received using our sensory organs and then processed by the central and peripheral nervous systems. Other terminology includes: stimuli, response, nerve impulse, sensory neuron, motor neuron, interneuron, effector, synapse, senses, hormone, adrenal glands and adrenaline.

"...I would highly recommend this video for higher level middle school science classes and high school biology classes. What is impressive is the amount of time spent on reinforcing the different parts of the circulatory and respiratory systems." -- NAMTC Curricular Media September 2003

National Association of Media and Technology Centers
NAMTC Curricular Media
September 2003

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Sample Video: Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

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