Plant Reproduction

From the: The Plants Series

This video addresses the wide variety of reproductive strategies of plants, including both asexual and sexual forms of reproduction. Vivid imagery outlines the intricate reproductive structures, while also illustrating the fertilization and development of seeds. Other terminology includes: spores, alternate generations, cone, flower, ovule, pollen, pollination, sepal, petal, stamen, pistil, and growth.

"...a great way to reinforce scientific content on plants...The teaching suggestions and student activities truly convert the videos into an interactive learning experience." -- NSTA Recommends April 2000

Melissa Nail
National Science Teachers Association Recommends (formerly Science Scope)
April 2000

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Sample Video: Reproduction in Gymnosperms

Digital Bundle

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Single School License. Digital Bundle includes video files for full show and 7-10 content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus 15-20 images (.jpg), teacher’s guide (.pdf) and metadata.

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