A Complete Middle/High School Spanish Collection

46 titles and 46 Teacher's Guides from the Visual Learning Systems middle school science collection have been translated into Spanish. These programs are now being widely used by ELL/ESL and Bilingual teachers and in Spanish Immersion and Dual Language Programs. Each 20-minute program includes *narration in Spanish and English, *subtitles in Spanish, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessment. Every high quality 30 page teacher's guide include preliminary and post assessments, laboratory investigations, and vocabulary activities in Spanish. Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

*DVD includes subtitles and narrations in English and Spanish
*Digltal Bundle only offers narration in Spanish without subtitles.

Purchase titles individually (see below for list of titles) or save with the entire middle/high school collection!

Please enjoy this sample spanish clip from the Spanish Collection, "Genética en Acción''.

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Sample Video: Polygenic Inheritance
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Complete Middle/High School Spanish Collection Digital

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Single School License. 46 Digital Bundles and 46 Teacher's Guides.  Digital Bundles include video files for full show and content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus teacher’s guides (.pdf) and metadata (xls).

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Complete Middle/High School Spanish Collection DVD

DVD and 30-page Teacher’s Guide.  Narration in English and Spanish and Subtitles in English and Spanish. 

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Titles in the collection include:

Atoms  -
Bonding  -
Cell Processes  - Procesos Celulares
Climate  - El Clima
Compounds in Chemistry  -
Deserts and the Tundra  - El Desierto y la Tundra
Earth, Sun, and Moon  - La Tierra, el Sol, y la Luna
Ecosystem Dynamics  -
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures  - Elementos Compuestos y Mezclas
Energy  -
Force and Newton's Laws  - La Fuerzas y la Ley de Newton
Forces Shaping the Earth  - Las Fuerzas Que Dan Forma a la Tierra
Forests  - Los Bosques
Fundamentals of Genetics  -
Genetics in Action  -
Genetics in our Lives  -
Grasslands  - Las Praderas
Heredity  - Herencia
Lab Equipment Safety  - Seguridad en el Equipo de Laboratorio
Measuring Length and Temperature  - Midiendo Longitud y Temperatura
Measuring Mass and Volume  - Midiendo Masa y Volumen
Motion  - El Movimiento
Natural Cycles  - Ciclos Naturales

Observations and Data  - Datos y Observaciones
People and the Environment  - La Gente y el Ambiente
Plate Tectonics  -
Protists  - Protistas
Reactions  - Reacciones
Simple Machines  -
Solids, Liquids, and Gases  -
Sound  - Sonido
The Atmosphere  -
The Biosphere  -
The Cell  -
The Microscope  - El Microscopio
The Nature of Light  - La Naturaleza de la Luz
The Nature of Weather  - La Naturaleza del Clima
The Periodic Table  -
Using Light  - Usando la Luz
Viruses and Monerans  - Virus y Moneras
Volcanoes and Earthquakes  - Volcanes y Terremotos
Water  - El Agua
Waves  - Las Ondas
Weather in Action  -
Weathering and Soils  - El Intemperismo y los Suelos
What is Matter?  -