A Complete Primary Spanish Science Collection

64 DVDs and 64 Teacher's Guides with assessments and activities in Spanish. Each program includes narrations and subtitles in Spanish, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessment. Every program also includes a high quality 15-page teacher's guide with preliminary and post assessments, laboratory investigations, and vocabulary activities in Spanish. Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Purchase titles individually (see below for list of titles) or save when you purchase the entire collection!

Please enjoy this sample spanish clip from the Spanish Collection, '¿Qué pasa en la primavera?' ('What Happens in Spring?') from the 'Seasons Series'.

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Primary Spanish Collection Digital

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Includes 64 videos, accompanying Teacher's Guides/student page, DVDs, and digital files.

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  • VLC306ESPDigital
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Complete Primary Spanish Collection DVD + Digital

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64 DVDs with 10-12 minute programs of both English and Spanish versions. Includes 15-page Teacher’s Guide.  Narration in English and Spanish and Subtitles in English and Spanish. 

64 Digital Bundles (Single School License) and 64 Teacher's Guides.  Digital Bundles include video files for full show and content clips in H.264 (for iPads) and.WMV format, student activities (.pdf), plus searchable metadata (.xls)


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Titles in the collection include:

Biodiversity  - Biodiversidad
Changes on Earth  - Cambios en la Tierra
Changing Climate  -
Chemical Changes  -
Cycles in Living Things  - Los ciclos de los seres vivos
Day and Night  -
Describing Matter  - Describiendo la materia
Earth and You  -
Exploring Energy and Heat  -
Exploring Landforms  -
Exploring Solids, Liquids, and Gases  -
Exploring Sound  - Explorando el sonido
Fall  -
Fascinating Fossils  -
Food Chains  - Cadenas alimenticias
Gravity  - Gravedad
Grouping Living Things  - Agrupando a los seres vivos
Healthy Habits  -
Helping Us Work  - Utensilios para el trabajo
How to Measure Length  -
How to Measure Volume  -
Impacts on Earth  - Impacto en la Tierra
Interactions of Living Things  - Interacciones de los seres vivos
Investigating Heredity  - Investigando la herencia
Investigating Water  - Investigando el agua
Keeping Earth Healthy  - Cuidando la salud de la tierra
Making Observations  - Haciendo observaciones
Migration and Hibernation  -
Moving Things  - Objetos en movimiento
Natural Resources  - Recursos naturales
Observing Weather  - Observando el clima
Our Precious Earth  - Nuestra preciosa Tierra

Particles and Matter  -
Physical Changes  -
Planets  - Planetas
Plant Life Cycles  - Ciclos de vida de las plantas
Plants  - Plantas
Plants With Flowers  - Plantas con flores
Soil and Rocks  - Suelo y rocas
Spring  - Primavera
Summer  - Verano
Sun and Stars  - el sol y las estrellas
The Air Around Us  - El aire que nos rodea
Trees  -
Using Electricity  - Usando la electricidad
Using the Scientific Method  -
Vibrations and Waves  - Vibraciones y ondas
Weather Safety  -
Weighing Things  - Pesando las cosas
What are Magnets?  -
What Do Living Things Need?  -
What is a Bird?  -
What is a Fish?  -
What is a Mammal?  -
What is a Reptile?  -
What is an Amphibian?  -
What is an Insect?  -
What is Light?  -
What is Science?  -
What is the Water Cycle?  -
Why Do We Measure?  -
Winter  - Invierno
Your Body  - tu cuerpo
Your Diet  - tu dieta