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Earth's Nearest Neighbors

Copyright 2008 For Grades: 3-5 VLC164

The planets closest to the sun, often referred to as the inner planets, are the focus of this fascinating program. Colorful animations, along with images captured by space probes, illustrate the...

Earth's Rotation and Revolution

Copyright 2006 For Grades: 3-5 VLC129

What causes day and night? Why do we have seasons? Through easy-to-understand animations, as well as live-action video footage, these difficult concepts are easily explained. The rotation of...

El ciclo de la roca (The Rock Cycle)

Copyright For Grades: 3-5 VLC144ESP

What are the different types of rocks and how do they change form? This question is answered by examining the rock cycle. The major characteristics of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks...

Copyright For Grades: 3-5 VLC161ESP

This program illustrates the everyday, real-life processes of weathering and erosion. Easy-to-understand examples of weathering help students differentiate between the processes of mechanical and...

Elementary Earth Science Collection

Copyright n/a For Grades: VLC244

Estrellas y galaxias (Stars and Galaxies)

Copyright For Grades: 3-5 VLC166ESP

Using crisp images and lifelike animations, this program introduces students to the intriguing realm of stars and galaxies. The main characteristics of galaxies and stars are discussed. Special...

Copyright For Grades: 3-5 VLC174ESP

In this video, students learn why fossils are often referred to as “windows to the past.” The basic requirements for fossil formation are identified. Vivid footage and animations of various...

Explorando la Tierra, el sol y la luna (Exploring Earth, Sun, and Moon)

Copyright For Grades: 3-5 VLC128ESP

This video takes a scientific look at some of the important characteristics of the earth, moon, and sun. Differences and likenesses between earth, moon, and sun are discussed as well as how...