Forces Shaping Earth's Surface Series

Specifically designed for the elementary science classroom, this 4-part series will help instructors teach difficult- to-understand concepts, differentiate instruction for diverse learners, and inspire the minds of students. Content is aligned to the curriculum and will help students prepare for the standardized science tests in their state. Each program includes a 15-minute interactive video with on-screen questions, vocabulary words, and a five-question video quiz, as well as a time saving teacher’s guide with preliminary and post assessments, video script, laboratory investigations, and vocabulary activities. Integrate media assets into lesson plans by showing a complete 15-minute video, short clips, or multiple animations and images. Custom multi-media formats include h.264, Windows Media video, and DVD.

Titles Include:

Weathering and Erosion

This program illustrates the everyday, real-life processes of weathering and erosion. Easy-to-understand examples of weathering help students differentiate between the processes of mechanical and... [more]


Earth's landscape is made up of a wide variety of physical features referred to as landforms. Characteristics of the major landforms are illustrated through the use of dramatic footage from North... [more]

Plate Tectonics in Action

The fascinating geologic processes of mountain building, seafloor spreading and volcanoes are a few examples of the power of plate tectonics. Footage filmed on-location in Iceland, the Canadian... [more]

Reading Maps

In this video, students learn how to understand and use maps. Common maps are illustrated throughout the program. Different types of maps, including ski, bike, road, and topographic maps, are... [more]

Sample Video: Colliding Plates


DVDs include 15-minute video, each with a chapter index, subtitles, Teacher’s Guide, labeled slides, glossary, and iMovie project

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Digital Bundle

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Single School License. Digital Bundle includes video files for full shows and content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus images (.jpg), teacher’s guides (.pdf) and metadata.

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