Heat and Energy

E. Gieschen
Video Librarian
Jan/Feb 2005

Energy, here defined as "the ability to do work or cause change," comes in several different forms--thermal, mechanical, electromagnetic--all of which are discussed (along with energy conversion) in this brief overview that uses solid illustrative examples drawn from everyday life. In addition, the programs focus on heat explores the kinetic nature of thermal energy, which partially derives from the basic physics principle that all objects are comprised of small particles that are constantly moving. Divided into clear sections, with plenty of opportunity for viewer interaction via critical thinking questions, "Heat and Energy" is available as an "elementary science kit," which includes the program on either VHS or DVD along with extras for the classroom (a teacher's guide, image CD, overhead transparencies, flashcards, and hands-on materials). The DVD version features slides, a glossary, and an iMovie project. Recommended. [Note: "Light", "Things in Motion", and "Water, Water Everywhere" are also newly available elementary science titles.]