Plant Parts

Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary School, Federal Way, WA
School Library Journal
September 2004

In this live-action production, crisp, beautiful video combines with clear, well-organized narration to teach young viewers about plant basics. The female narrator presents information about roots, stems, and leaves. Transpiration is also discussed. The function of each part on a plant is explored, and its importance to the plant is emphasized. Viewers learn about fibrous roots and taproots, different types of stems, sugar maples, and why leaves change color. Each section ends with a question for students to ponder. Key words are clearly illustrated and defined. An end review and simple quiz help viewers remember important details. The DVD includes access to different sections of the program as well as captioned slides, an iMovie project, a glossary, and subtitles. This clear and well-organized production reinforces key concepts in basic botany.