What are Plants?

Aud: E, I. (E. Gieschen)
Video Librarian
November/December 2004

Tackling the titular question from both scientific and practical viewpoints, "What are Plants?" presents basic botanical concepts related to plant cellular structure, habitats, characteristics, reproduction, and photosynthesis, but also emphasizes the importance of plants to human life, including their production of oxygen and critical role in the food chain. Chockfull of vocabulary words, good nature photography, and plenty of opportunity for student interaction (the script features critical thinking moments in which the viewer is instructed: "you decide/predict/etc."), this solid introduction for a botany unit is nicely supplemented by curriculum that includes creative activities and classroom work (the DVD version also includes an index, labeled slides, and an Apple iMovie project). [Note: also newly available at the same price are "Plant Parts" and "Activities of Plants".]