Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Doug Brant, Chambersburg Area Middle School, PA
School Library Journal
February 2004

[Review of Earth in Action Series] This extremely well done series uses excellent live-action footage and computer graphics to hold viewers' attention. The information is presented clearly and logically, and the female narration is outstanding. Each video features excellent questions posed throughout plus a quiz at the end. "Plate Tectonics" shows some of the Earth's forces at work, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain building. It explains the theory of continental drift, rift valleys, and the theory of plate tectonics. "Volcanoes and Earthquakes" begins with scenes from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Among the topics covered are the origins of earthquakes, the three main types of seismic waves, the Richter scale, and different types of volcanoes. "Forces Shaping the Earth" shows how mountains and glaciers are formed. The video covers crust movements, stress types, erosion, glaciers, and icebergs. "Weathering and Soils" looks at the differences between chemical and mechanical weathering, explores the different types of soils and the properties of soil. The excellent teacher's guide for each video includes student worksheets and answer keys.