Ecosystem Dynamics

Aud: I, J. (E Gieschen)
Video Librarian
January/February 2004

Ecology, the relationship between living things and their environments, is explored in desert, forest, grassland, and aquatic ecosystems in this entry from the four-volume Ecology series. Combining intelligent narration and fine visuals, the program introduces and explains relevant vocabulary (such as “biotic” and “abiotic”), and even though the importance of environmental conservation is never specifically mentioned, the subject is tangentially emphasized through the themes of ecological interconnectedness and interdependence. Occasional “You Decide” segments allow for natural teaching pauses that encourage critical thinking, and the accompanying curriculum includes interesting projects that expand on the video’s information. Recommended. The other titles in the series (series price-VHS or DVD $299) are: The Biosphere, Natural Cycles, and People and the Environment.