The Atmosphere

Aud: I, J. (E Gieschen)
Video Librarian
March/April 2002

[Review of “Weather in Action” from the Weather and Climate Series] Have you ever looked at big, fluffy clouds and thought they looked like soft, puffy cotton? If clouds were cotton, they'd be very wet, soggy balls, since clouds are formed by water or ice droplets sticking to condensation nuclei. Students will learn this and other bits of weather de-mystification in this good introduction to basic weather facts, characteristics, and behaviors. In addition to clouds, the program explores precipitation, fronts, storms, and even weather prediction. Solid visuals, good graphics that clearly explain how weather "happens," and brief, intermittent "You Decide" segments that encourage critical thinking, combine to make this a fine choice for those without similar fare, such as "Weather Fundamentals" (VL-1/99). The other three titles in the "Weather & Climate" series (series price: $299 for VHS or $399 for DVD) are: "The Atmosphere," "Climate," and "The Nature of Weather".