Changing Climate

T. Keogh
Video Librarian

 Changing Climate ***1/2
(2014) 12 min. DVD: $69.95 (teacher’s guide included). DRA. Visual Learning Systems ( PPR. ISBN: 978-1-59234-894-7.
Aimed at younger viewers, this informative, interactive introduction to the topic of climate change and global warming opens with definitions of key terms such as “weather” and “climate,” explaining how Earth can be host to such a great variety of weather systems simultaneously, and how climates have changed radically over the course of millennia (e.g., much of North America was covered by glaciers 20,000 years ago). Changing Climate looks at greenhouse gases and their effects on the weather and environment, as well as animal, plant, and human life. Also emphasized here are energy alternatives and conservation issues. Featuring a video quiz at the end to help reinforce the information, this is highly recommended. Aud: K, E, P. (T. Keogh