Using Light

Aud: I, J, H. (R. Reagan)
Video Librarian
May/June 2000

[Review of “Using Light” from the Light, Sound and Waves Series] Illustrating the various ways that light is manipulated for use in applications ranging from mirrors to binoculars, "Using Light" is one of four titles in the "Light, Sound and Waves" series (the others are "The Nature of Light", "Sound", and "Waves"; series price: $299), based on the National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy. Combining concrete, real world examples with good computer graphics, the program defines and explores the concepts of reflection, translucence, color, and polarization. As with "Cell Processes" (also reviewed in this issue), the tape shares the same annoying generic rock soundtrack, but the level of interactivity is good, with "you decide" type questions sprinkled throughout and a final "video quiz." The teacher's guide includes the full script, student worksheets, and inexpensive and easy experiments to further illustrate the concepts. In addition to general science curriculum, this program would also be useful in art classes in helping students to understand the science underlying art.