Tracy Alley
NSTA Recommends
January 2012

 The seasons come to life on DVD! Children and adults will enjoy the short but powerful videos of fall, winter, spring, and summer. Since seasonal changes are often included within early elementary standards, these movies will be the perfect fit into the curriculum. 


Each movie is ten to twelve minutes in length. The useful teacher’s guide for each movie is packed full of wonderful resources such as vocabulary enrichment, pre– and post–assessments, fun activity sheets,and children’s literature ideas. Each movie is divided into sections or chapters with important vocabulary words, like hibernation, popping into the scene to reinforce the concept discussed. Questions are sprinkled throughout each movie to keep the interest of the children. 


The movie ends with a quick summary and a short fill–in–the blank assessment where students can shout out the answers. The movies will educate and entertain without taking much time. They would make a great addition to any library!