Maintaining a Healthy Body

E. Gieschen
Video Librarian
Nov/Dec 2011

This brief but wide-ranging program encourages young people to take responsibility for the health of their own bodies, along the way offering a variety of suggestions, with voiceover narration accompanying footage illustrating the points being made.  A segment on the importance of regular exercise features people engaging in several different activities, including skiing, basketball, soccer, football, running, volleyball, rollerblading, soccer, field hockey, swimming, and lacrosse.  Also covered are the health benefits of a balanced diet (based on the updated food pyramid), and the need for getting plenty of sleep.  Preventive measures are addressed in the form of warnings against alcohol and tobacco use, along with safety suggestions that include wearing a seatbelt (viewers are also advised to schedule regular medical and dental care).  The accompanying curriculum expands on these subjects and includes activities on topics ranging from nutrition labels to immunizations.