Exploring Desert Biomes

Stephanie Farnlacher
School Library Journal
March 1, 2010

Exploring Desert Biomes
video or DVD. 14 min. with tchr's. guide. Visual Learning Co. 2009. video: ISBN 978-1-5923-4426-0, DVD: ISBN 978-1-5923-4425-3. $79.95.

Gr 3–5—The characteristics of deserts and the plant and animal adaptations that allow them to survive in that environment are explored. Chapters cover: "What Is a Desert?," "Where Can You Find Deserts?," "Soils in Deserts," ""How Do Plants and Animals Survive in the Desert?," "Plants in the Desert," and "Animals in the Desert." The narration is clear and well-paced, and excellent film footage features deserts from around the world. A world map highlights the location of the Mojave, Sonoran, Sahara, Gobi, and other deserts. The teacher's guide includes objectives, the video script, a pre- and post-test, a video review, and several writing and geography activities. An excellent classroom resource.—Stephanie Farnlacher, Trace Crossings School, Hoover, AL