Exploring Freshwater Biomes

Candace Smith

Freshwater biomes exist in many forms, according to this nicely shot instructional. Beginning by defining and explaining the importance of fresh water biomes, the program then examines two basic groups of freshwater biomes: standing and moving. Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, marshes, swamps, and bogs are differentiated, and examples of animals and plants that populate each area are described. Expressive voice-over narration, excellent nature shots, and captions add interest. Prompts, including “You decide,” “You observe,” and “You compare,” encourage critical thinking. Key concepts are recapped, and a quiz rounds out the title. Similar in format to Solutions at Work, this is a solid classroom resource. Exploring Desert Biomes, Exploring Forest Biomes, Exploring Grassland Biomes, and Exploring Marine Biomes ($79.95 each) are also available.