Animal Behavior

Lucinda Whitehurst
December 1, 2008

Why do elks call and blue-footed boobies dance? Animals are captured exhibiting various behaviors in their natural habitats, including the Florida Everglades, Canadian Rockies, Galapagos Islands, and Maine coast. The behaviors are categorized as instinctive, learned, means of survival, communication, food related, and seasonal, among others. Examples show animals engaged in respective behaviors that reinforce the concepts. Captioned vocabulary terms (e.g., stimulus, response, and migration) help students recognize words and their meanings. At various intervals, questions are posed with pauses allowing for viewer response. Excellent production values include clear sound, accessible narration, and an unobtrusive jazz score. An onscreen review concludes the program, and the accompanying manual includes pre- and posttests, a writing activity, and a small group project. Featuring high-quality color footage, this practical classroom resource is correlated to National Science Education Standards.