Stars and Galaxies

Melinda Miller-Widrick, K-12 Library Media Specialist, Colton (New York)-Pierrepont Central School
Library Media Connection
January 2010

This is a good quality program for upper elementary and middle school age students. Visual Learning puts out very worthwhile elementary science materials, and this program is no exception. The narrator reviews galaxies and stars; the features of stars: size, color, and brightness; and the “life cycle” of stars, including an explanation of the three options for what aged stars become. The program ends with a “summing up” and then a short assessment. The DVD also includes a glossary, some slides of the still pictures used for the DVD, and subtitles. The DVD and a 25-page teacher’s guide come in a three-ring binder for easy storage. This product is a good choice to use with science classes. The photography is clear and crisp, a good complement to the narration. Add this to your video collections for new material that is brief and well done. Closed-captioned. Recommended. [Editor’s Note: Also available in VHS format.]