The Water Cycle

Ambra Hook
National Science Teachers Association Recommends
July 2008

This supplemental resource provides a teacher's guide and video that outline the different stages of the water cycle. It includes supporting vocabulary used to describe the processes of the water cycle. Excellent video footage from around the globe in combination with colorful, descriptive animations are used to skillfully illustrate the processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and more. This video can be viewed in segments or all at once. A key feature of this program is the inclusion of "video pause points." These give teachers time to have students reflect, process, and discuss the set of concepts and vocabulary that have been viewed before moving on to the next set of concepts and vocabulary. In the teachers guide, there is a script and video review student handout; these will help guide students as they watch the video. Because this content area is almost always included in middle grade curricula and the product is grade-level appropriate, it would be valuable to teachers and students.