Sustainability and Natural Resources

Aud: I, J. (L. Stevens)
Video Librarian
November/December 2007

[Review of Natural Resources Series] Designed to teach students about natural resources, while also outlining the important role that air, water, oil, gas, coat, etc., play in our everyday lives, the four-part Natural Resources Series covers topics suggested in the National Science Education Standards. In “Earth’s Natural Resources,” students learn the differences between renewable, nonrenewable, and perpetual resources, while also looking at pollution, alternative resources, recycling, and reuse. The other three programs--”Everyday Natural Resources,” “Energy Resources,” and “Sustainability and Natural Resources”--offer more in-depth examinations of day-to-day renewable resources, energy resources (including crude oil, coal, biomass, and geothermal energy), and sustainability issues. Including a 10-question video quiz review for each section, the Natural Resource Series is bundled with a teacher’s guide (complete with quizzes, assignments, and activities), and features DVD extras such as slides, indexes, and a glossary. Boasting outstanding photography, skillful writing, and solid editing, this is highly recommended.