Traits and Heredity

Aud: I, J. (E Gieschen)
Video Librarian
November/December 2006

Ever wondered why your hair is brown, or why you can (or can’t) roll your tongue? After watching this brief but thorough look at the field of genetics, kids will see their acquired traits in a whole new way. Heredity, simply defined as those physiological characteristics that parents pass on to their offspring, is shown here to be at work in all living things, whether plant, animal, or human. Young viewers will also learn a bit about the history of genetics (a relatively young science that began with Gregor Mendel’s 19th-century pea plant work and his division of genes into dominant and recessive), DNA and its structures, and the potential benefits and possible concerns related to genetic modification. In addition to summaries, quizzes, and teacher’s guides, DVD extras include indexes, labeled slides, and iMovie project and a glossary. Recommended.