Classifying Monerans and Protists

Aud: I, J. (L. Stevens)
Video Librarian
September/October 2006

[Review of Classification of Life Series] Correlated to National Science Education Standards for grades 5-9, this new four-part installment in the Visual Learning Company’s outstanding science education series teaches middle school students the principles by which scientists organize living things. In the series opener, Classifying Life, viewers learn about the evolution of the classification system, how classifying entities makes them easier to find and work with, and which scientists played a major role in developing a taxonomic classification and naming system. The next two programs---Classifying Monerans and Protists and Classifying Plants and Fungi---feature real-life examples and introduce terms such as paramecium, diatom, symbiosis, and vascular and nonvascular plants. The final program, Classifying Animals, explores the captivating creatures of the animal kingdom. In addition to summaries, quizzes, and teacher’s guides, DVD extras include indexes, labeled slides, an iMovie project, and a glossary. Highly recommended.