Introduction to the Metric System

Aud: I, J. (L. Stevens)
Video Librarian
July/August 2006

[Review of The Metric System Series] This four-part series aimed at middle school students teaches the fundamentals of the metric system. In "Introduction to the Metric System," viewers learn how the metric system evolved, which countries use it, and key differences between the metric and English systems. In the second and third volumes--"Metric Length and Temperature" and "Metric Mass and Volume"--students learn to measure length, temperature, volume, and mass, while also being taught applicable concepts and relevant terminology (such as "absolute zero" and "water displacement"). The final program, "Metric Conversions," explains the process of converting measurements from one system to the other without having to measure twice with different tools. DVD extras include teacher's guides, review quizzes, indexes, 75 labeled slides, a glossary, and an iMovie project. Like the other Visual Learning Company products I've reviewed --including Genetics [VL-7/05], Chemistry in Action [VL-9/05], and Geologic History [VL-3/06]--The Metric System boasts superior content and production values, and is highly recommended.