Plant Structure and Function

Melissa Nail
National Science Teachers Association Recommends (formerly Science Scope)
April 2000

[Review of The Plants Series] "The Plant World"*, four 20-minute videos and four 30-page teacher's guides, is a great way to reinforce scientific content on plants. The videos discuss the history, origin, and characteristics of plants; the structures and process of photosynthesis and transpiration; the structure of plants related to plant survival and functions; and the reproductive structures and strategies of plants. Each video in the set includes a teacher's guide with connections to the Standards. Teaching objectives, assessment, teaching suggestions, video scripts, and activity masters are also included. Although the videos contain highly technical language, they follow a clear format that facilitates note taking and outlining. Additionally, the video scripts allow teachers to accommodate the needs of all students. The teaching suggestions and student activities truly convert the videos into an interactive learning experience. "The Plant World" is a well-produced video series with great teaching potential. *"The Plant World" was renamed "The Plant Series."