Chemistry in Action Series

Aud: I, J. (L. Stevens)
Video Librarian
Sept/Oct 2005

A complete, well-designed package that introduces the fundamentals and applications of chemistry to the middle school age group, Chemistry in Action is comprised of four short 20-minute programs that explain basic principles of chemistry through computer graphics, animation, and live-action. Featuring units on the periodic table of elements, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, and chemical compounds, the series meets AAAS Benchmark standards and National Science Education Standards, and each program concludes with a summary and a quiz. As with many of the Visual Learning Company titles, the full kit incorporates teacher's guides, indexes, labeled slides, glossary, and iMovie project, and reproducible masters, and the flexible format allows for review and plenty of time for classroom discussion and activities. A fine introductory survey, this is highly recommended for both middle and junior high school libraries. [Note: Matter in Action is also newly available.]