Exploring Weather and Water Series

Linda M. Teel
School Library Journal
September 2007

 [Review from Weather Around Us Title] The fundamental concepts of weather are introduced in this brief production.  The narrator begins by posing a series of questions which are discussed and answered during the presentation.  As key terms are defined and explained by the narrator, the words are printed on-screen.  Four main factors (heat energy, air pressure, wind, and moisture) which interact to influence weather are introduced using graphic transitions.  There is a brief discussion about the formation of clouds and types of precipitation.  The “You Observe,” “You Decide!,” and “You Predict!” sections give students the opportunity to interact.  A five-question quiz completes the presentation.  The DVD can be played in its entirety, or individual sections can be accessed.  Among the bonus features is a glossary and still pictures from the program.  The teacher’s guide includes national standards correlations, learning objectives, a video script, activities, a pre- and post-test, and a video review.  Blackline masters provide valuable extension activities for the classroom.  An excellent introduction to weather for classroom or individualized instruction or home schooling.