Energy Fundamentals Series

Linda Fortino, formerly Charles
School Library Journal
October 2004

 [Review from Heat and Energy Title] This attention-grabbing, solid production opens with a discussion of how energy and work are interrelated, continues by defining kinetic and potential energy, and explores different forms of energy.  It also explains how energy can be converted from one form to another, the concept of temperature, and how heat is transferred between objects.  The production is divided into five distinct parts: "What Is Energy," "Energy and Motion," "Forms of Energy," "Energy Conversion," and "Temperature and Heat."  While the simply stated yet complex concepts are described, everyday occurrences are shown onscreen to clarify them visually.  This instructional production could be used to introduce or conclude an energy unit or reinforce concepts being taught.  This excellent introduction to the concepts of heat and energy is a must-have for fourth and fifth grade media centers and science departments.