Digital Science is a comprehensive collection of digital videos and instructional media that support elementary middle, high school, and introductory college science curriculum. The current collection consists of 227 videos, 227 teacher's guides, over 2000 video clips, 600 animations and 2500 images. Every title is available as a Digital Bundle, which includes the full video and content clips, animations, images, teacher's guide, and metadata.

Licensing and Pricing

Single School Licenses
(single school buildings)

A school building license for a Digital Science Bundle title permits access to an unlimited number of computers and media devices in one school building.  The length of terms is in perpetuity (no renewal fees).  Prices are the same as DVDs.    Primary titles ($69.95), Elementary titles, ($79.95), Middle School titles ($89.95), High School/College titles, ($99.95).  School licenses for Digital Science Bundle titles can be ordered through our secure online shopping cart.

Regional Licenses
(multiple schools, districts, regional centers, instructional television stations, and regional and statewide purchasing cooperatives)

A regional license for Digital Science permits access to an unlimited number of computers and media devices to the population being served in a designated region.  Pricing for regional licenses is based on student population and length of terms.  Annual, multi-year, or in perpetuity licenses available.  Regional licenses are ordered directly from Visual Learning Systems.

Visual Learning now offers licenses for over 1200 animations and 3000 images with metadata that includes captions, descriptions, and keywords.  These digital media assets are ideal for use with interactive whiteboards and in lesson plans and video projects.  Metadata enables users to integrate learning objects into a searchable database. 

To Order Regional Licenses for Digital Science titles and media assets, email or call 1-800-453-8481 for a custom quote based on student population and length of terms.  Pricing will vary.  Regional licenses cannot be ordered through the online shopping cart. 

License Rights Include:

  • Content can be used for lectures, presentations, curriculum planning, online courses, student homework, and classroom video projects.
  • Content can be streamed over a server
  • Content can be viewed by all computers simultaneously on a network
  • Content can be downloaded to desktops, notebooks, netbooks, iPads or other portable media players.
  • Content can be delivered over the internet if it is password-protected or IP authentication is used.

Using Digital Science Content

Visual Learning Systems' customers stream and manage Digital Science content through their own interface, a library catalog, or a licensed subscription service.
Other customers use  iTunes software, (H.264 files have embedded metadata and are automatically searchable in iTunes), or manage content on a local school server.
Visit Types of Customers to see who is offering Visual Learning Digital Science content through online digital delivery systems.