Explorando la topografía (Exploring Landforms)

From the: Earth Science Series
  • Item # VLC297ESP
  • Copyright 2012
  • For Grades K-2
  • 11 minutes
  • Teacher's Guide

This video program takes a fascinating look at the many different features found on Earth. Familiar places are used to help describe key landforms. The importance and characteristics of various landforms are explored.

View in English - Exploring Landforms

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Spanish DVD -

DVD includes: Video with Spanish narration, subtitles, and on-screen vocabulary; chapter breaks. (English option also available on disc). DVD comes with teacher's guide (printed and in .pdf format on disc).

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  • 9781592347766
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Spanish Digital -

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Includes: Full show and 6-7 video clips ( h.264 / .wmv ); 15 page teacher's guide (.pdf), and searchable metadata (.xls). Narration and subtitles in Spanish.

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  • VLC297ESPDigital
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  • 9781592347964
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