Weather on the Move

From the: Exploring Weather and Water Series

This video program investigates some of the key elements responsible for weather formation. Different types of air masses and their origins are investigated, as are the formation of weather fronts. Specific weather phenomenon including tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms are illustrated in detail. Other important terminology includes: air mass characteristics, warm front, cold front, low pressure, storm surge, cumulonimbus clouds, and lightning.

"All in all, this program and others from this series are full of detailed information, precise learning goals, systematic reinforcements, and unambiguous assessments presented using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods. This varied approach makes learning fun and motivating for the young student of science, all the while keeping in mind the teacher’s need for individualized assessment and comprehension." --NSTA Recommends December 30, 2008

Teri Cosentino
National Science Teachers Association Recommends
December 30, 2008

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Sample Video: Air Masses


DVD and 25-page Teacher’s Guide. DVD Features include subtitles, chapter index, labeled slides, glossary, and an iMovie project.

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Digital Bundle

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Single School License. Digital Bundle includes video files for full show and 7-10 content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus 15-20 images (.jpg), teacher’s guide (.pdf) and metadata.

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