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The Amazing Human Body Series

Specifically designed for a high school/introductory college science course, this 10-part series highlights key topics in the biological sciences and will help instructors teach difficult to understand concepts.  The programs utilize digital videography and detailed animations. Each video includes on-screen questions, vocabulary words, and a ten-question video quiz, as well as a 25-page instructor’s manual with student learning objectives, standards correlations, lesson plans, preliminary and post assessments, laboratory investigations, and vocabulary activities. Integrate media assets into lesson plans by showing an entire 20-minute video, short clips, or multiple animations and images. Custom multi-media formats include h.264, Windows Media video, and DVD. Correlated to the NGSS.

*Overstocked! Save 50% off all DVDs. Use promocode VLSDVD50 to order.

Titles Include:

Skin, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

This colorful video highlights the major features of the skin, skeletal, and muscular systems. Live-action footage, accompanied by three-dimensional animations, illustrate these fascinating body... [more]

Exploring the Digestive and Excretory Systems

This video takes students on a fascinating journey, following food as it travels through the digestive system. Clear animations illustrate the functions of the major digestive and excretory... [more]

Investigating Circulation

Colorful animations and crisp video footage illustrate the vital process of circulation. The major characteristics and features of the circulatory systems are explored, with special emphasis... [more]


With every breath you take, the process of respiration is supplying cells in the body with oxygen they need to carry out important processes. This engaging program highlights the major structures... [more]

The Amazing Nervous System

From skiing down a steep mountain, to playing the piano, the nervous system enables us to accomplish remarkable tasks. This video focuses on the amazing structures in the nervous system that... [more]


Whether it is the sight of colorful flowers, or the smell of freshly baked cookies, our senses are constantly at work. Breathtaking video footage and three-dimensional animations illustrate how... [more]

Investigating the Immune System

This video explores the wide range of defense mechanisms the body calls upon to fight foreign invaders in an effort to maintain health. Immune responses, diseases, and care of the immune system... [more]

Reproduction and Development

The amazing biological processes of reproduction and development are illustrated in this fast-paced video. Easy-to-understand diagrams, animations, and video footage explain the steps of the life... [more]

Essential Nutrition

This video program helps students understand why the body needs a wide range of nutrients to maintain itself. Nutrient types are illustrated through common examples of food. Special emphasis is... [more]

Maintaining a Healthy Body

Maintaining a healthy body is a fundamental part of leading a fulfilling, successful life. This video program highlights many of the basic things everyone can do to maintain a safe and healthy... [more]

Sample Video: Lungs and Gas Exchange


DVDs include 20-minute video, each with a chapter index, subtitles, Instructor’s Manual, labeled slides, and glossary.

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Digital Bundle

License Details
Single School License. Digital Bundle includes video files for full shows and content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus images (.jpg), teacher’s guides (.pdf) and metadata.

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