Elementary Earth Science Collection

The Elementary Earth Science Collection includes 17 engaging video programs correlated to the curriculum and specifically designed for the classroom. These titles include a wide range of earth science topics including earth, sun, moon, planets, plate tectonics, weather, water cycle, rocks, minerals, and the rock cycle. Each journal-reviewed, interactive 15-minute title includes on-screen questions, vocabulary, and video quiz. Every program also includes a high-quality, time-saving 25-page teacher's guide that includes student learning objectives, standards correlations, lesson plans, assessments, vocabulary, reading, writing, and hands-on activities. Collections are available in DVD format or digital files.Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

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Sample Video: Wind
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Elementary Earth Science DVD Collection

17 DVDs and 17 Teacher's Guides.  DVDs include 15-minute video, each with a chapter index, subtitles, Teacher's Guide, labeled slides, glossary, and iMovie project

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Elementary Earth Science Digital Collection

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Single School License. 17 Digital Bundles and 17 Teacher's Guides.  Digital Bundles include video files for full show and content clips in H.264 (for iPods) and.WMV format. Plus images (.jpg), teacher's guides (.pdf) and metadata.

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Titles in the collection include:

Earth's Nearest Neighbors
Earth's Rotation and Revolution
Exploring Earth, Sun, and Moon
Exploring Fossils

Our Distant Neighbors
Plate Tectonics in Action
Reading Maps

Stars and Galaxies
The Rock Cycle
The Water Cycle
Water, Water, Everywhere
Weather Around Us

Weather on the Move
Weathering and Erosion