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A Complete Primary Science Collection

Copyright n/a For Grades: VLC279

A Complete Primary Spanish Science Collection

Copyright n/a For Grades: VLC306

Agrupando a los seres vivos (Grouping Living Things)

Copyright For Grades: k-3 VLC287ESP

There are millions of different kinds of living things on the planet. Grouping them is not an easy task. This fascinating program explores this process and investigates some of the major groups of...

Animals Series ( La serie de los animales )

Copyright 2011 For Grades: K-3 VLC253

This 6-part series will help instructors teach the unique features of different types of animals and inspire the minds of young students. These programs are correlated to the curriculum and...


Copyright 2014 For Grades: K-3 VLC334

What is biodiversity? This exciting and colorful video explores the concept of biodiversity as it applies to a wide range of environments. The importance of biodiversity on Earth is also...

Cadenas alimenticias (Food Chains)

Copyright For Grades: k-3 VLC291ESP

It is fascinating to explore the energy relationships between living things. This exciting video investigates the process of living things producing energy, consuming it, and breaking it down...

Cambio climático ( Changing Climate)

Copyright 2015 For Grades: k-3 VLC338ESP

Nearly everyday we hear about global warming. What exactly is global warming and how is the planet undergoing climate change? This concise, easy-to-understand video addresses this question. It...

Cambios en la Tierra (Changes on Earth)

Copyright 2012 For Grades: K-3 VLC298ESP

While it may not always seem possible, Earth is continually changing. This video provides insight into fascinating processes such as the formation of land, erosion, and volcanic eruptions. Other...